The Skate Park

Saturday, 26 August 2006 19:47

This week I decided that I should do my questionnaire for business studies as they are meant to be done by the end of the hoildays. In the end I managed to get about 30 people from the skate park to fill them in, even and chav but he didn't get some of the questions, bloody moron. I like hanging out at the skate park as all the people there are fantastic and look out for each other. The YFEST was on aswell and I saw a band called [Dweeb]. Thanks to everyone at the skate park for filling in the questionnaires :)

There is only a week and a bit left to go until we go back to school. I have just been told by Alex that it's the 5th of september that we go back. At the moment I want to go back because my attitude towards school is "lets get this over with" but once I get to school I will want to get out or be on hoilday. Once I have finished school I will not know what to do with myself since I don't think I will be going to uni with my grades. The guys on KustomPCs' forums said that I should work hard and then I will have a chance to get good grades. So when I go back I will work hard to get decent grades. I got a C in my GCSE English resit so now I have the minimum requirement to get into the 6th form that I am already in. The reason I was allowed in was because you need 42 points but I have 41 so I was allowed to providing I took general studies. Now I can dumb the subject if I want to but then I would need to take something up, the problem with that is the school doesn't offer the subjects I would like that I aren't already doing.