The Good Life

Saturday, 2 September 2006 03:00

I have been talking to Keaton on MSN and it seems that my life is kinda dull in comparison to him and latency but on the plus die I like him. It does seem like the people I talk on the internet all seem to .. Oh fuck I have the thought in my head but can't get them out. Oh well. A new paragraph for a refresh start seems a good idea.

Most of the summer hoilday I have been going to sleep later and later but I now have 3 nights to get my sleeping patens sorted out before school starts on Tuesday. It's 3:10AM and I don't feel too tied. I also don't seem to be eating properly either as I tend to only eat at dinner or when I am bored. Some of the time I eat just for the logic of needing something to eat even if I don't feel like eating.

So it's september already, fuck that was fast. I only have 2 and a half terms left but a load can happen in that time. Hopefuly some of that stuff will be what I want to happen but I'm sure that something will happen that will make me go into my emo state. At school I want to try hard so I will be able to get a good job and I have also been trying to get Windows Server 2003 so I can learn about it and put it on my CV as that will be very useful, unlike GCSE ICT, Or the GCSE in Microsoft Office as I call it. Speaking of computer at school we have upgraded to a load of nice dual core dells with 17" LCD screen running windows XP Profession and MS Office 2003 on a nice new network of gigabit ethernet and fiber optics. It only took use 5 years to upgrade to an operating system that was first released in 2001. I have a few bits of work to do before I go back and in my true fashion that I want to change, I have left my Physics homework until a few days before we go back to school.