Without The People The World Is A Beautiful Place

Thursday, 7 September 2006 17:23

Music: We are Scientists - With Love And Squalor (Album)

I'm back at school and there are so many year 12s, like 3 times as many of them as there are us. This week has been confusing as I haven't done any stuff about the subjects for a while so I need to refresh myself with them. I start ICT tomorrow with the new head of department and I only know Nick and Dave in that class. It will also my bigest class by having over 10 people in. As far as I know only me and Adam are doing a web based system. I am looking forward to it.

I had planned to get Microsoft Academic Edition Windows Server 2003 R2 32bit, to give it it's full title, but my dad has been unable to get a copy from work and I don't have a job to pay the £350 for it. I want to learn about servers as different people have told me that it's better to have experience than a certificate. So my new plan is to get my old Pentium III computer back, well the basics, get a PSU and network card then put it into my old computer case for me to muck around with. I will put linux onto it as that is legal and free. It will also give me the chance to use remote desktop properly as I don't plan for it it have a screen or keyboard. All I have to do is turn my plan into practice and think of a name for it.