Weird Ict Lessons

Monday, 11 September 2006 15:06

Music: Scuzz TV
Mood: alittle ill

ICT at school is a little weird since they are all of the year below. Also they have missed me off of the registers for the classes but once I have been added I should be ok. I just want to get my coursework started so I can get it done and out of the way for the exams. I have come across questions that I don't know the answers to so I will need to learn stuff in lessons. The thing I am a little worried about is that some of them may be as smart as me at ICT since I have always been kinda elitist in ICT. I'm still learning their names and it's the biggest class I have. I'm used to having less than 10 people in my classes so in a class of 19 (me being the 19th) is a little unnerving but I should be able to pull through.