Todays Rant

Friday, 22 September 2006 21:31

Music: Funeral for a friend - Casually Dressed & Deep In Conversation
Mood: Sleepy

I have been listening to a lot of drum and bass from the Zincast podcast recently but my metal music seem to be making a come back since the whole time I have been working on my site I have been listening to Finch and FFAF like I am now. Drum and Bass (DnB) seems to be my music of choice in business studies lessons probably because makes me calm or because they last between 30mins and an hour instead of just being one song. I used to think that drum and bass was just some crap tinny sound that came out of headphones as you walked passed someone but I love the bass line and how they mix all the different patens and sounds together.

This week we (the whole 6th form) were kicked out of our common room because some of them where pissing about with water and food fights. This is one reason I am glade that I just leave the school site in my frees or just disappear off somewhere in the school only to be found later in class. Today and wednesday are the only 2 days that I am in school for the whole day because it's not worth going home just for about 20mins only to bike back in the rain. I hate it when people piss about and screw things up for the rest of us. Mrs Wilson (head of 6th form) was very narced off at us this morning that the assembly want over.

I am thinking about if I should upgrade the site again since it has been a while but I think I will put it off until I come up with an idea for a kick arse site instead of the pinky grey crap I have come up with. It annoys me that I'm don't have the creativity to come up with a great looking site or when I do I can't make it because I duno how to use GIMP (like photoshop but free). I like the menu that I have made for it so I might just reuse that code and make it into an upgrade for Cosmo 7.X. I am making a MySQL blog for LaurenceG for my coursework but my friend Latency also wants one but since he has little or no idea where to start he asked if he could use my code since he knew I was making it. So I'm quiet proud of myself for making a decent code that other people can get to work for they own uses. He has shown it to me and it looks just like his normal blog but it's drawing the data from his SQL server.

I think what I will do is start my coursework for ICT instead of wait for the teachers to tell me to start since they are just going into loads of detail instead of getting us on the computers and kicking shit out for our systems. I hate it when they go into loads of detail since they just confuse me and I duno what I have to write so I end up with shit. What some of the better ICT student have notices is that the whole subject is bullshit with a side order or extra boredom. I tend to come out of lessons and think "What the fuck was I meant to learn in that lesson". I know I only do 3 lessons a week but I am thinking about skipping them and just sitting down somewhere out of their “places to search for bunking students” and have a hardcore coding session, then I will write up what I have done so I can get full makes since I plan to have my system finished in under a week with just loads of coding in my spare time.