Productive Today

Sunday, 24 September 2006 21:51

Pendulum - Hold Your Colour album cover

TV: Jane Eyre
Mood: Productive

Today I have been productive, maybe it is just a change in my mood that seems to last weeks. If only I had been just as productive when I was in school I would have less work to do. I have done all my physics homework which seems relatively easy compared to the classwork. I have spend a lot of time mucking around with photo printers and have come to the conclusion that they are bastard. We have 3 high quality ones, one of which is 6 years old and can still out perform some brand new ones. The best is a Cannon IP5000 which seems to be broke and only prints black without screwing up and pissing colour over the page and the HP Photosmart doesn't work with macs. The thing I find kinda funny is that is was cheaper to buy a Epson R240 than to go out and get someone to print our photos.

If you haven't died from the boredom from the printers I shell find something else to tell you. I was looking at Latency's (I call him by his alias and he calls me by mine, Cosmo) alpha website (which is now online) and saw the picture I have in the corner of this post. I found out that they are a Drum and Bass band which means I have to change the way I think about him. When you get used to someone you have you're own stereotype of them and then you find out something about them which doesn't fit into your stereotype. With Latency I'm used to him listening to Stuff like In Flames, Placebo and James LaBrie but I found out he listens to Pendulum which is a drum and bass band. I think this paragraph is just a load of badly worded shit. Basically I found out that my Friend Latency listens to Pendulum which is a drum and bass band, I like drum and bass and I'm surprised he does too. I will steal it off his laptop when he is not looking / playing games.