Well That Didnt Hurt

Friday, 29 September 2006 12:24

Mood: A little sore

It's a normal day, I got up and put my clothes on, packed my bag and rode to school. I've been doing that all month and nothing has gone wrong apart from sometimes I was late. Today was different though. I have never broken a bone in my body before or a tooth but when I went to overtake someone on the glass my front wheel turned to far and I went over the handle bars and smashes my front two teeth on the concrete. Things still seemed unreal but that feeling was wearing off so I was becoming a little depressed and the gap in my teeth but I went to the dentist and all is good. They fixed my teeth by putting a cap or something on it and I am now experimenting by trying to eat and drink. I'm now in a good mood cos my teeth aren't screwed up and I have the day off school, I'm sure someone at school will be bitching about me not being there. I might come back and post some more later on today. Oh and I also noticed that for the last two posts and put the year as 2005 for somereason.