English Psycho

Thursday, 5 October 2006 18:00

Music: The Vines - Vision Valley

I watched American Psycho today as Latency had told me about it and it sounded like a good film. It was different to what I was expecting but I still liked it. It has gotten me interested in the book as I have been told it is more graphical which should be fun when it comes to all the murders that where in the film. I feel kinda like him where I'm not to sure if I did something or not. But I'm sure that I didn't kill 20 people, maybe 40.

I'm sitting at the dinning table as it's nice and clear of stuff so I will probably use it to do my homework or whatever as I'm more likely to do work at the table than my bed. Also the laptop doesn't get too hot. I am not to sure if I want to continue to do ICT at school because it is nothing like I expected it to be. I prefer to sit down and just get on with it without having to right loads of stuff about it. If it works and the end user can install and use it without problems then what more do you want. Apparently a lot more. I have been told I should use one piece of generic software, well Textedit is about as generic as you can get. So I have to make some crap instead of my amazing PHP MySQL blog which is mostly finished. This is why I am thinking of dropping ICT because it is crap and doesn't teach me anything that I like. I like to hand code systems and build them from the ground up instead of using some software that doesn't do exactly what I want it to do. What I think I will do is concentrate on physics and business studies as well and general studies and just not spend to much time on ICT, that is if I don't drop it by christmas.