The Camera Club

Wednesday, 11 October 2006 23:01

Mood: Day-shar-voo
Music: The Vines - Any sound

Today I went to the Chelmsford Camera Club with my friend Woody because he has an interest in wild-life photography. We where the youngest there by a generation or two with the third youngest (me being the second and Woody the first) looked like he was in his late 40s. As I sat there passively I feel like I had done this exact thing before with Woody, Like Day-shar-voo but only spelt correctly. It was more than likely that my mind has just turned to mush that it was telling me things twice to make sure my brain was still working. The photos are amazing but it's not something I like to sit and watch a slide show of for 2 hours. I almost feel asleep twice within the slide show. In the brake I looked at Woody's photos from his brazil trip and they looked amazing. I would like to get some of them and stick them on my dull walls. I do enjoy photography and this is more than likely because of my dad's interest and the amount camera that are given to me because they have brought a new one. My current camera is a Nikon Coolpix 5700 and I am using an old Canon AE-1 SLR camera because of it's vintageness which instantly makes it cool. I prefer manual camera because that way it does what you want it to do without having to piss about with a load of settings. Just point, focus, snap and wined on.

I came across another problem when filling out my UCAS form, The first is apathy. The second was a question about special needs and learning disabilities. Now I don't know the answer to this because as far as I can recall I have been a special needs student since I have been in school. I have also had tests to check my coordination when I was a wee lad. I don't know if I am dyslexic or not, probably not since I just spelt dyslexic twice without using the spell check but I do think I have some form for learning problem. It does annoy me greatly when I just don't understand something even though I have looked at it in lots of different ways. I need to get out of this apathetic mood that I have been in these past couple of weeks so I can get all my school work done and start revising for the exams I have in a few months. I also have some work for Lau which I think I might get money for which would be greatly appreciated as it can go towards my driving lessons. As it stands the mortality rate it currently zero, but I did see a crashed car in my last lesson.

The Vines that I got from Taz (yes that's his real name) seem to match my mood for writing this blog and has probably fueled it as well, That would explain the length and how I am typing so fast. Dam their album for being so short. What I like in the Vines is their grudge style and the pacing of their songs. Pendulum I like the bass lines and the main reason I like drum and bass is because of the complexity and construction of the songs. If you walk past someone all you will hear is a crappy tinny drum but there is so much more to the song if you're the one wearing the headphones or listening to it on a good pair of speakers. It has been almost one year since my first blog and it is nice to look back into the past of my blog and see how I have changed of what has happened in my life. I think round about December time in 2005 I was pretty depressed so they are more likely to be emo style.

"There are many good things that I can look forward to; 17th birthday, learning to drive, getting a job, building my first computer and many more."

The Vines album has finished. I'm currently three songs into We Are Scientists. I've been writing this for half an hour, If only I can do school essays like this. All that is left to do is get a job. As I said before, I think I might of but I'm not to sure. If I get a letter in the post saying what I good job I did and has a check then I think That I have finished my list. That quote was from me on the 30th of December 2005, It's in my blog if you want to read it. Shit this is a big post, I think it's my biggest that I have done. Now to updated the RSS and upload this to Yuki so you can read it. So long.