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Monday, 16 October 2006 18:32

Music: Marilyn Manson - Lunchbox
Mood: bored

Hello again. A few weeks ago when we started our UCAS forms I saw that the APU had an open day and decided to go since it was 10 mins away in our town. So there I was in Cambridge (This isn't my home town) in awe of the number of buses and people on bikes. There were so many, every where. I talked to the teachers there about the subjects I was interested in, Computer Science and Internet Technology BSc, and they are two totally different subjects but both look cool. The computer science (I need to learn the spelling of that) is about how the computer works with programing and mucking about with networks etc and internet Technology is how to think about the site with new dynamic content such as audio and video. The worst thing about the day was that I felt sick, in fact I throw up on the way home.

I have a changes planned for this site. I plan to bring it up to Web 2.0 styles which is basically means a nice new look for the site once I have designed it. I plan to refresh the content of the site since some of it has probably gotten out of date by now and update the code so it is XHTML standards with better CSS and encoded with UTF-8. For those that don't do web design it means to make sure my writing isn't internet turd. A nice new logo which seems to be traditional since with any major update I change the logo and a new menu. I might also add a hit counter to see how many people come onto my site.