Words Of My Will

Monday, 23 October 2006 01:02

Music: Funeral for a Friend - Hours
Mood: Content

It has been almost a week since I have blogged and it is now the first day of the half term holidays and so far I can gotten my web server project online. When you think about it thats pretty good going considering that it's 1AM. I feel in the mood to blog with my Funeral for a friend and I haven't played in a while. As I sit here in bed thinking about the week that has pasted I can only recall a fraction of what has happened. A 168 hours and I can't recall much of it signifies the importance of the week that has gone. Since the start I released that this blog was going to be one of great words of which I can never find when they are needed for school work. Maybe because I lack a passion for my schooling because all I want do to is escape from the institute into the idealised free world. Despite the hour there are still a fair few people on MSN. What the fuck has gotten into my, I struggle to make coherent sentences in essays but as I write the words flow. Maybe I am a part time dyslexic that only blossoms at night. I'm still wondering what the fuck has gotten into me with these words.

I have made a good number of friends in the year below which is always good and I seem to be on the way to becoming friends with Luke again, but he was right, I did hate him. I suppose it's a good thing I didn't kill him then (or for that matter myself) in December. Christmas is a shitty time to die since everyone is happy and with their families and a death of a dear friend of a family member is a horrible event to happen. Every Christmas you would raise a glass to Lost Friends. I should point out that Luke is not a dear friend. The flow words seem to have subsided a little. Something that I noticed from Adam is that he is much better at web design and programming than I am. The bastard is also a good guitar player. I haven't touched my guitar in a while but since it's half term I think I will play a song or two...repeatedly...for hours until they are memorised. What I am better than him at is the hardware and software site of things, he can make websites but I can make the servers that host them. This brings me on nicely to my new server, Silver Star. I build this out of spare parts and it now has it's network card and a nice 200GB hard drive for storage. It's a learning curve but it has all the stuff you need to host sites. On a final note, My driving is going well and I should be booking my theory soon.