Tuesday, 31 October 2006 22:15

TV: Secret Policemen's ball
Mood: Cheerful

We are back at school now until christmas and I have been thinking about. I am not really motivated to do school work in my own time and I seem to be taking on an apathetic approach to life at the moment and I think the reason for this is because of my irregular time table. I an only in school for the whole day for 2 days a week and even then I have frees that I much about in. I reckon that if I get into a routine I would be more motivated into doing school work.

Something else I was thinking about as I rode to school was "Why did I start this blog?". I've just read my first blog and it gave me the impression that I was upbeat and energetic at the time when I was writing it. I think the reason I started it was to let other people know how I feel about stuff instead of letting it build up inside of me and turning me into a whining cynical emo brat. Another reason was because I wanted to improve english, writing and grammar skills which have been ever since I stopped having english lessons.