The Other Side

Thursday, 9 November 2006 17:11 Logo

Music: Pendulum - Hold your Colour (album)

As you grow older you start to see things from the other side. Ages ago when I'd just started doing web design I copied Graham's website and now that I have been in web design for almost 2 years I have noticed that someone has copied my format for this blog that you are reading. I haven't said anything to him because it doesn't bother me but it's an interesting feeling to be on the other side of something.

My friend Taz introduced me to which is a site where it's users find things that they want to share and post it up for others to read. is a site that I found that does the same thing. I found them because they make the icon that I now use for Adium. I had a go on his BMX today and found it very weird because I am used to my mountain bike and his BMX has tiny wheels by comparison. As I'm a week scrawny kid I found it kinda hard to get the front wheel off the ground, whenever I do this on my mountain bike it's normally an accident. I should go an do something worth while instead of watching the TV all the time. Good bye.