Saturday, 11 November 2006 20:43

TV: The Somme

Today was remembrance of the end of The World Word just incase you've never had a history lesson. At 11AM a cannon fired and the start and again at the end. The eeriest thing I have seen is the whole high street standing still in silence. On one 11th of November most people will continue about their lives and if there were no reason to remember the thousands that died because of the worst military tactics. I have found myself reading the highway code at random or out of boredom. I do plan to take my theory test soon as I would like to pass my driving test in under 20 lessons. Then I can roam free, now if only I had some reason to roam. I bike everywhere I want to go and weekdays I bike and average of 6 miles just going to school. I got some new gloves to keep my hands from freezing on the way to school. At the moment I stop in the underpass to reheat my hands because I only have fingerless gloves. I have started another blog to keep visitors updated about how the server is going.