Life Planning

Monday, 13 November 2006 18:27

Music: The Vines - Vision Valley

My driving has improved a lot that is something my dad noticed when we went out driving. It seem like I had been driving for a long time since it seemed so natural. Nothing bad happened apart from when someone pulled out from a T junction in front of me causing me to brake and change down into 4th. I seem to be taking the apathetic approach to live like Graham did when he was my age and this is an attitude I want to get out of since it doesn't benefit from it. I tend to let things go buy instead of working on them and getting it over and down with. Something I really need to to is get my eyes tested as I can't really focus to well with my left eye with my glasses on but something I am happy with is that I am typing this without them on. I can't see what I am writing and the keyboard is blurry but yet I cam still type away. I need to sort out my driving test so I don't need to have lesson any more. I will ether only use the car when dad makes me or if I go out into work at the end of the school year. I've just done some quick maths and worked out that it is at least £21,000 to send me to uni for 3 year at the APU in cambridge. I plan to defer my place for one year allowing me to make my mind up if I want to go to work or uni and also to make savings so I can go to uni if I wanted to at the end of the year. If I get a job I could save up for uni instead of making my dad put off getting the new car that he wants. If I can get my server up and running I could charge people a small fee to host on it to make a small income. What I hate is when you have to write about stuff in great detail instead of just doing the dam thing. I hate this partly because I'm bad at the writing part and because it takes 10 times longer than the doing part. This is one reason I was thinking about dropping ICT.