Green All The Way

Saturday, 18 November 2006 10:44

Location: Grandparents
Music: Classic FM

Here I am sitting at the table at my grandad's with my tea on the right and the mouse on the left typing away. Something I have dreamt about was driving to my grandparents the way that dad does. This morning I did just that. I went the way my dad does with my mum in the back and the traffic lights where green all the way that is something that rarely happens. I think that I will have to finish my driving lessons at some point as just go out with my dad more since we have already paid for the car insurance with me on it. All I need to do is sort out my test then I will be free and allowed on motorways, Something that my spell checker doesn't agree with.

It was Children in Need yesterday but because of something at school we had to move it forwards one day. I went as scientist because I didn't have enough time to hire a lion outfit. So my outfit was kinda crap but I did have a bottle of what was basically Ethanol complete with warning sticker to collect money in. It was the real thing from the prep room as well. Business Studies was interesting with Luke on my right dressed up as a female gorilla. Oh other news the server is coming along nicely but I am having to learn how to do everything myself instead of using a desktop. I have set the black flag homepage to the blog that will keep you informed about the server. Uptime has been dramatically improved since I fiddled with cron.