The Words Come Out At Night

Monday, 20 November 2006 23:45

Music: Zincast 13 - Makoto vs Geeneus
Type: Drum and bass

I feel that my other website is going well as it now has a purpose where as I had left it derelict for a month or so before the server change. I've given up with the mood status on these blogs because most of the time when I write them I don't know how I feel. This is either because I have no feelings or because I have has some kind of pressure from either me or normally Keaton to make a blog entry instead of writing one because I have something I want to share. This one is because I want to and felt like blogging. This month I have written quiet a bit and I may have to bring back the return to top button at the end of each entry.

Tomorrow is most likely going to turn out to be a dos day as it's more than likely I will waste my time and not do anything productive. I am meant to have with my tutor and finish off my UCAS form but I had forgotten to see she about an interview time so I have no idea when I will go to school. One thing is sure though, I really need to get a new calculator since I've misplaced mine and have no idea where I have misplaced it. Sod's law predicts that it will turn up soon after buying it's successor. Once I have gotten out of this loll I should be working harder towards my university place or work, it's still undecided.