I'll come back to this

Wednesday, 6 December 2006 19:06

Music: Pendulum - Hold your colour

I don't know what it is but I seem to have more friends in the year below than I do in my own year group. I mainly talk to browny and steven in our group where as in the year 12s I talk to most of the people in the group next to our. The common room is divid up into 4 groups with a 5th area spare, each year is split up into the trendy / chavs / jocks and the other group is the smart emo grudgers where I hang out both in the year 12 and 13. The main reason I like the year 12s is because they treat me as an equal or it might be that they are new and interesting toys to play with. Speaking of toys, the tall Adam broke both his arms somehow. Fractured would be a better word since he doesn't have a cast on either of them and he can use his right arm normally.

At school I seem to be stopping and stalling in my subjects. I have no real idea what the hell we are doing in ICT but whatever it is is due in next Friday. Fucking great. On the plus side it does look like 8 people in my class may not be in it for much longer since there names were highlighted on the register. I hate the white washed bullshit that is ICT. It's not my style. I like making computers, websites, networks and mucking around with the software instead of typing pages of shit explaining how I tested it or the background behind the end user. They're the fucking client why the hell would they want a paragraph describing them? My uncle and cousins just popped round and given me four ex-work computers. I think most of them will be scraped but I'll have some parts.

I want to get some stuff out of the way and there for out of my life so I can force on other stuff. One of these things is my driving license. I want to pass the test quickly not because I really wanna go round in the family hatch back but because I will be a naughty boy and not pass. Three examples of this were when I was driving back from Silverstone. First I did 70mph, the national speed limit, in 4th gear to overtake a lorry this when well until at the round about it came past me and took a different exit rending my overtaking unnecessary. The second was going along at 50mph then changing down from 5th to 3rd gear and flooring it to overtake a mini-bus. This was an attempted copy of my dad's move on the way up when he red lined the engine. The third thing I did happens all the time and is perfectly normally, it' just illegal. It is when you go to over take something and break the speed limit to do it but slow back down again when you have pulled back in.