Fell Dammit

Saturday, 2 December 2006 22:50

Music: In Flames - Come Clarity

Shit, why do I feel nothing? I should be feeling something. This is why I stopped having my mood in the blog details because as I write I don't know what I am feeling. I should be feeling proud of myself and have a sense of achievement. At school I look set to triple my UCAS points that would put me clear above what I need for the uni courses I have applied for and I have also written a dam fine personal statement and I am now waiting for them to be sent off by the school. This means that I maybe getting letters in the post from unis. I should also be proud of myself because of the amount of care I am putting in to my spelling and grammar. Most people on MSN type shit that looks like they are having a fit on the keyboard and some of the fuckers are were in top set for English where as I was near the bottom with a classroom full of retarded monkeys. At the moment my vocabulary is only limited by my ability to spell. As I have said before this is my drive for the blog and reading big books like the shinning. Is my blog starting to repeat itself? Oh well it doesn't have anywhere for you to leave a comment on it.

This week I have spent a lot of time on the Applegeeks IRC channel (irc.aniverse.com #applegeeks) talking with them. They have been very friendly and I like them. That was a shit sentence let my try that again. They are all great people on that channel that have told me stuff and talk about sex and sex related stuff a lot, So far everyday the conversation has turned towards sex. This is something that Nick has been bugging me about at school as he keeps calling me a “Virgin” even though I have refused to answer that question because it has nothing to do with him and he has no reason to know the answer. I think I should listen to Lost Prophets sometime because they are one of the bands I refuse to listen to when it comes up on random even though I have no good reason not to listen to them. At the moment it's 23:37 so I have spend almost 40 mins writing this blog but to be honest I have had two drinks in this time stopped to chat on the IRC. I'm going to get into my bed and chat more on IRC.