Mothers Meeting

Monday, 18 December 2006 13:40

Mood: Bemused
Music: Wip3out OST

Every other Monday my mum has a load of friends round for a meeting. I think it is meant to be a bible meeting but it seems to be more like mother meeting to me where they talk about gossip and eat food. The laughter can be heard from my room. I went down when I saw the last one arrive to let her in and she had 2 small boys with her so since some of them were leaving I decided it was safe to enter the living room. It was amusing to watch the two little boys playing with the toys that I once played with when I was their age. They look about 2 and 4 years old. Due to this meeting I tried to stay off the computers, a task that I have succeeded in because I have not been on a computer until they have all left. The main reason I didn't want to go on them was because you can heard them though the floor and I would be playing a load game on them. So I kept quiet in my room by playing the guitar that I haven't used in a while and getting round to reading those books I want to read but never seem to find the time. I am still on the shinning as once I put it down I don't pick it up for a long while. I also read the 4th chapter in the .Hack // Legend of the Twilight, a manga I got when I was getting revision books. I have also got one more manga book that I haven't read yet as I seemed to have thought that I had when on inspection it turned out that I haven't.

Christmas is only but a week away and I don't seem to be as excited as I used to be when I was a kid. To me it is now more about my family that getting presents. The thing I am looking forward to the most is the look on my dad's face when he sees what I have got him this year. Normally I don't really buy presents for people so this present is a more of a large thank you for all the things I have been given over the past years. This year we are having a huge get together with everyone from my dad's side, this totals up to 9 people but unlike the other years we won't be seeing my mum's side on boxing day because we don't have passports. I also want to see my cousins face when they see the computer I have sorted out for them. They gave me their old computer to take away and fix up for xmas and this is what I have done as all they need to do is use word and play flash games. I have made a page about this computer but I haven't uploaded it yet as I don't know if I should put it in my computers page or under projects. Well I have some more work to do on it to get flash working properly. So long.