Friday, 22 December 2006 13:17

Mood: Kinda drunk

I felt that I should blog. Me and my best friend have just been sitting on the bed for the past 3 and a half hours talking about stuff. Life and shit in general. Something I used to do with Sam and Rich was go out on fridays and drink with them. The idea being that it loses the mind and people become more talkative. This stopped in the summer when school started again so I had the idea of doing this with one of my best friends, Alex. It's cool to hang out with friend and talk about stuff. We, or at least I, say something then think "Shit, didn't mean to say that" and this is good as we get to know each other more. Maybe a little secret or two. I suppose its like bonding thing where you come away closer at the end of it but we normally make a dirty joke or something. I feel kinda happy at the moment but I'm pretty sure thats the booze. I kinda need to hang out with friends from time to time otherwise I get depressed. As a note for tomorrow I think I shell blog about uni letters and...shit it's gone out of my mind. Ah ha my yankee words that was it. Sleep now.