Saturday, 30 December 2006 02:10

Music: Funeral for a Friend - Drive
Mood: Sleepless

It's 2am and I can't get to sleep and I don't feel like talking to anyone so I'm not on IRC or MSN but I have been working on the server. When I took a break I thought about what has happened this month, Another thought I have just had is what has happened this year since tomorrow is the last day of 2006. I shell start with the month seeing as that was my original thought. We have had 3 family member's birthdays, my eldest cousin is now a teenager though he is sleeping at the moment. I cried at my Grandma's funeral, a week later I passed my theory driving test. There was of course Christmas and boxing day that are spent with the family. I have officially converted my dad to a mac user with his crappy powermac G3 as he has ordered a top of the range Mac mini. I think it is kinda ironic that he has ordered a the very best of the entry level computer.

So what have I done this year? Survived another year at school and continued on at the 6th form. One achievement that sticks out is that I finally passed that damn english test and got my C that I should have gotten the second time around. The driving is going well as I have stopped having lessons and now I drive to Grandad's instead of dad. While driving round my cousins I was confronted by a 4X4 in my lane that was over taking a car in the opposite direction. If we had hit the collision speed would have been in excess of 100mph as I was doing 60mph at the time. I've kissed a boy on the cheer and made out with a beautiful girl or 2, got shitfaced and went to the Y. I have had some fun times at the Y but they are all kiddies there so it suppose that's the place I should go with all I wanna do is have a good time and not pull anyone. I've been dropped, jumped, fallen over and been unable to get back up for a while just after smacking Jake in the face by accident : ]

So what is ahead in 2007? I can't predict the future and I don't want to because of all the horrible things I would see. What I can say is what I hope will happen or is very likely to. I want to continue my self learning by expanding my knowledge about running a server and making websites. Improving my english skills and becoming a healthier person. I want to become stronger as I'm a scrawny brat that needs some muscles so I can fight if need be. This sounds like my new years resolutions and perhaps it is. I will look back at this in a years time and see what I thought has come to pass. I still haven't got a job yet but I have build my first computer...kinda, and I am defiantly 17 years old.