As The Tears Dry

Tuesday, 16 January 2007 01:42

Mood: Fragile
TV: Channel 5 - X Games

I feel that I should blog, I want to blog but I am not to sure if I want to say what is on my mind. At the moment I really want to talk to Keaton as it feels to me that I haven't talked to him in a while. When I first starting talking to him I was careful about what I said because I have trusted people in the past and been burnt. I have been friends with him for a while and I think that our friendship is getting stronger as I have told him one of my secrets. And I only tell my best friends my secrets or at least very good friends that can't tell anyone at school. I like talking to him as I can talk to him about stuff that I wouldn't talk about with some of my other friends for one reason for another.

So far I have sat four AS-Level Exams and I have found all of them easy. I am finding that I am coping with the exams better than I have does in the past where I felt like I was about to throw up most of the time. One problem I am facing is that when I get to school I am hot because I have been biking so I sit around in my shirt cooling off and I am fine until I finish the exam paper then I end up feeling cold. I also freeze on the way to the common room as it's cold outside and I only have a shirt on. I have five exams left to do and I only have to do two of them one after another which I'm alright with because they total up to one hour 45 mins. I hope that my grades have all been boosted by my resits and other exams for the course which I am taking. I won't find out the grades until March but I know that I can't do any worse than my last attempt. I have no exams today but I think I should still get to sleep as it is 2:26 in the morning and I need to work on my bike.