Looking For An Explanation

Thursday, 11 January 2007 00:50

Mood: Somber
Music: The Subways - Young for Eternity

Sometimes I find myself looking for an explanation for the anomalies that make be who I am. Reasons such as epileptic, dyslexic or autism. Something that I can use to pin up the problems that I have. Most of the time I have no need for reasons or excuses but when things go wrong in my life or I don't understand something after it has been explained to me numerous times. There are so many things in live that are confusing, your mind and body shouldn't be one of them but for some people they are and can cause greater confusion in an already misty world.

We are two weeks into 2007 and things seem to be looking well for me. The end of 2006 ending with me contemplating suicide and how it could be committed by me if I were to do so. I do not have any intention of leaving the world at the moment because I'm not under a large pile of shit that forms my environment and world. I have enjoyed the company of my friends, either face to face or online. I had my first exam in the morning and I think it went very well as I had something to say to all the questions and I found that I ran out of time before I had ran out of things to say. I spend the rest of this month out of school on study leave doing exams. I have 8 of them leaf and I am looking forward to some of them but business studies 2874 I am not looking forward to because of the memory of the mock exam that went to hell. This year looks promising for me with the potential to greatly increase my grades and move into work once school has finished.