Back To School

Monday, 29 January 2007 19:31

Music: Biffy Clyro

Today was the first day of school that I have had in 3 weeks and I only had one good lesson and that was physics. Business was canceled which I only found out after I had biked back to school after fetching my coursework for ICT which was a crap lesson because Nick distracted me most of the time but he did help me with my letter for ICT. Tomorrow I only have two lessons so I hope that they are good cos after a while of being at home you get bored and start to miss the lessons. Especially since I need the teachers help for coursework. I've got this little thing that I pull over my head that goes around my neck and stops the wind from going down my front. It has been a year since I stopped taking the bus to school I think.

I have been playing my guitar a lot more recently as well as reading. I am still on the Shinning but I've gotten up to chapter 30. I think the reason maybe due partly to the exams where I treat revision as homework where everything gets down before I start on the homework cos homework sucks. Now that the exams are over I have been feeling happier because during the exams I was becoming depressed and thinking about suicide more. So far I've had thoughts of wrist slitting, drowning, hanging and the newest thought being an over dose on pills. I have been working on my server more and I have now worked out how to burn disks from the command line over SSH. Stuff like that is why most of my teachers think that Computer Science would be great for me as I hate ICT and prefer to work on the hardware and programming and writing pages about how I made a database in MS Access. I wonder if I can tell them to look in a book...