Tuesday, 13 February 2007 13:44

Music: Snow Patrol - Final Straw
Status: ill

Secrets are odd things. They are all shapes and sizes, some being easier to hide than others. Some people may hide small little secrets that are insignificant to their world where as others hide huge ones that have the ability to change or even end their lives as they know it. Everyone has a secret I think. It may be just something that they don't want one person to know but don't mind if anyone else knows or it maybe something they are hiding away from themselves in their heads, Something that sooner or later they will have to face. The odd thing with secrets is who you tell them to. I have a secret that most people go to school with don't know and to be honest have no reason to know. The point being that they don't know what it is or even that it is there but I have told some of my other friends soon after meeting them where as I have kept the same thing hidden from best friends that I have know for years.

Most people find that they feel better after they have shared a secret with someone else. It is reasonable to believe that if they tell everyone then they no longer have a secret and feel even better for having one less thing to hide from the populous. Some friends have told me secrets that they trust that I will not share with others. It's easier to keep a secret for someone if you are far away from them or you don't come into contact with someone they specifically, more than anyone else, don't want to know about it. These secrets are safe with me cos I have no reason to tell anyone else them. I am surprised by the magnitude of some of the secrets that I have been told and sometimes amazed at the implication of me in those secrets. If only I knew.