The Holidays Begin

Thursday, 5 April 2007 19:05

TV: Five News
Mood: happy

I am most of the way through the first week of our holidays and I have spend most of it working on my computers, so far I have formatted 3 of them. I have also spend a lot of time with Rich who I don't normally see much of anymore. After being stuck on the last mission of Gears of War we tried it on the easier setting and managed to do it in what seems relatively short time. We had a problem with being eaten to bits by the flying thingys.

In a few months time I will be sitting my exams for the final time and I hope that I do well, like everybody else I surpose. My grades have improved with the resits but out of the 9 exams that I took I managed to fail 3 of them. One in each subject apart from ICT. During the last week of school I missed 4 lessons for different reasons. The first was because I'd been working on my ICT coursework and didn't want to go to ICT for the second time on a Monday. Next I overslept and work up half an hour after the lesson ended. My birthday was on friday and I felt ill and went home so I missed another two, I still haven't gotten my results for my ICT coursework. I managed to get Browny to make a blog entry but other than that things are quiet on the blogs that I read normally.