Friday, 30 March 2007 22:49

Boo Plushie

Mood: Happy
Music: iPod Shuffle

Today is my eighteenth birtday and so far I think that it has gone well. I was feeling ill in the morning so I came home and after a nap and some food I was feeling much better. I did not ask for much this year so prehaps I should do when it comes to christmas as I got a lot of money so I can buy my own presents, I can get a decent computer for the money they gave me. I am now the owner of a 80GB iPod Video to replace my slowly dying iPod Mini, I have no idea what I am going to do with all the space since I haven't even filled my laptop's 80GB hard drive. The picture that you can see if my Boo plushie that was imported from the states. It squeaks too ^.^

When I was up and about I was playing around with my presents in my room, I also got some weights since I am a skinny little boy and need to gain some strenght. A thought came to me when I was mucking about and that thought was that I'm using the main birthday presents that I got for my last three birthdays. I played my guitar that I got last year to some songs on my new ipod, one of which was much faster than I was exspecting it to me. After I'd done that I was on the gamecube that I got for my 16th playing Metroid Prime while my laptop reformated. Some of the things I did not exspect to happen today was the becoming ill or having my best friend and family come round at the same time as each other, talking to Luke and not insulting each other was something new but was nice. Thanks Alex for getting me Seven and thanks to Jake for starting the birthday thread in forums. Now I shell go and fix the server so that you can read this post.