Wednesday, 21 March 2007 21:20

Mood: Good
Music: Nine Black Alps - Everything is

At the moment I am sitting here at my desk talking to Nick. I like him cos I can share things with him that I wouldn't tell anyone else. Which seems to be the case with someone that you trust that doesn't know anyone else that you do. I haven't know him for that long but I do have a lot of trust in him. He also lives about 20 miles away from me so one day I may go and visit him one day.

My ICT project for the past few months is coming to a end in my traditional way. Meaning that I do very little until the final weeks because I don't really care about it. Since I got an A grade for my exam, which I later found out was the harder of the two, so I need to get a good grade in my coursework. I have a few little things to do here and there but it will be finished for the monday dead line. What I will be doing is skipping my ICT lesson on Monday so that I can get any work that needs to be done finshed.