Day 6: Dogs 1, Rabbit 0

Thursday, 2 August 2007 00:00

When we were in the car park there was a couple walking past with some dogs that ran off into the bushes. A high pitched scream latter they came out with a limp rabbit between their teeth, Hence the title. Unlike my brother who I rarely speak of I have been going out with my parents on walks and looking at churches where as he has been on the playstation and doesn't seem to be happy unless he is sitting down in front of a computer game or some sort. Even as I write this blog I am sitting in the garden with a cat nearby, both are optional. Tomorrow we leave for our next hoilday home 30 miles away.

When I get home home I'd like to return to find my family there as there is a strong chance that I will have family over from France staying with us due to my uncle working on London and my aunty having just given birth to a baby girl a little under a week ago. Holy crap a low flying Hercules just went overhead. Awesome! Anyway as I was saying, When I get home I wanna see my best friend Alex and go for a ride on our bikes and I also wanna see Nick but I am worried as I'll have to take a bus to get him. My password application as been sent of today so hopefully in a few weeks I will be able to go to France to help my family out there with their many animals. I'd hope to learn French too as it's always helpful to have another language and I've asked universities that I have applied for about learning a language along side my course of Computer Science.