Day 10: And the heavens opened

Monday, 6 August 2007 20:23

I've killed most of my credit on the internet as it costs me £1 a day for 15MB of internet. Yesterday I remembered to listen to the Rob Da Bank radio show in the morning and I sent him a text message asking what the background music was. He read it out and gave me an answer, as it turns out there is also an musician called Cosmo and Rob thought it was her. Today I drove back from the castle that we where looking at and I don't like country roads as I seem to keep going to far left. After half way it started to rain heavily and the roads quickly became rivers. I knew that we didn't have a powerful car but I had to keep dropping a gear to get up the hills. I am looking forward to getting home now where I can sleep in my own room and I can see Alex and my family. I might even have my passport by the time I get home.