Another Sleepless Night

Thursday, 1 November 2007 00:00

Music: shuffle

On a spur of the moment I logged out of the Kustom PCs forum and since then I have not been back. After a few days I have gotten used to not going on the forums as it was a force of habit to click on the bookmark when I opened firefox. I am not sure if I will go back to the forums in a week or so, maybe even longer. There is always the possibility they I will never return and this would be a shame as the forums have taught me so much about computers.

I have been working on my own linux OS and it's website refining the style and making sure it works in all browsers. Almost any good web programmer will hate IE6 due to it's problem with CSS but I also hate Safari. It will read through dog shit if it had a html postfix but what post pissed me off today was it's IPv6 support. When I work on my websites on my laptop I use the IPv6 lopback address which isn't supported by Safari. This meant that I could only tell what the changes looked like on the live version of the website instead of the local version.

My driving test was meant to be at 11:11 today but I got a phone call on Tuesday to say that it was cancelled. I feel disappointed and relieved at the same time. I am a good driving and can perform the manoeuvres but I will still be nervous just because I am being tested. Once I have passed my test it will give me more freedom to see my friend that live close by but not within biking distance. This should also give me more confidence when I see them as I should feel save having the car with me to go home in. This may not be making much sense to you but oh well.

Oh and as a footnote, this blog was 3 years old on Saturday.