Tuesday, 17 June 2008 15:57

Well I've not feel like blogging recently. I've not felt like doing much of anything recently to be honest. This week will be different. I will get off my arse and do stuff! Over the past month I've not felt like doing anything. What I have been doing is moping around the house and sleeping a lot like some kind of urban sloth.

Today I woke and decided that I should do something. My bike needed fixing so that was something to fill a few hours of my day plus I enjoy taking things apart. The rear gears on the wheel had worth their teeth out and that combined with a new chain has resulted in my gears jumping about like children on a sugar rush. It could also be compared to a Merc's kick-down system because every time I peddle hard it slips down a gear or two. It maybe sporty but when you're not expecting it you can lose your footing and land with a thump.

Anyway I got the part I needed and the tools to do it myself from a high-end bike shop in town. My bike isn't high-end but it's still pretty nice. I got home and swapped out the parts no problem so now my bike an another new and shiny part to replace it's worn and sometimes broken original part. My best friend gets back from uni at the end of the week so it would be great to go biking around with him again.