The Rescuers

Sunday, 17 August 2008 00:20

Title: Walt Disney film from 1977

I've not written anything on this website for a while. Not in the mood I suppose. This week has been fantastic because I've done something everyday and everyday it was something worth while. Apart from Tuesday. Tuesday I slept, watched Cars in 720p then slept again after eating dinner. The time I did spend awake I enjoyed myself.

I had my cousin over on Monday and it's always good to see him, however I am glad that no one lit a match because being killed in a gas explosion is not how I pictured my death. We caused chaos in Liberty City...more than there is on a normal day. Wednesday I met Jon. He is my mum's friend's nephew, He is also my best friend from school's cousin. The phrase "Small World" was used more than once. He's a big guy that loves to swim. So Wednesday and Thursday we swam and I had lots of fun with him. He's kind and I think kinda cute.

On Wednesday there was a lot of people over my mum's friend's house from my mum's church group. Little Peter turned 3 on Monday, he and his older brother Mikey can't swim so Jon and I where trying to get them to but alas the swimming pool was "too wet" for Little Peter. We did however over time manage to get Mikey further into the pool one step at a time. Towards the end he'd gone around the whole pool holing onto the edge and had the basics of how to swim, not quiet swimming on his own but defiantly on his way.

We had a scare when Little Peter reached over to pick up one of the floats out of the pool. He leaned over to get it but tripped and fell half onto the edge of the pool causing him to roll over into the water. Seeing and hearing him go in I swam over as fast as I could and lifted him out of the water. I hate to hear a child cry but I was glad this time because it meant that he was alright. I have this image in my head of him floating face-down in the water and that scares me. In the shallow end where we were he would not have his head above the water if he stood on the bottom but where he was it comes up to my neck if I stood on the side and I am 185cm (6"1) high. Thankfully he is alight and after being dried off he was just as happy as before he fell in. I got a thank you letter from his parents but I'm just glad that I will be able to see him again at my Mum's housegroup.