Long Time

Monday, 13 October 2008 13:26

Music: Sunday Best podcast 39

It has been a long while since I have written a blog entry, two months I think. Sorry about that but I've just not felt like writing. I have spurts of motivated work where I manage to get a large amount done and others of apathetic nothingness. The work maybe to do with linux, assignments or anything else that I need to do.

Saving this just now I have noticed two things, The first being the most significant. It has been three years since my very first blog entry in 2005 to this month. This is the first year where I have had months where I have not written any entry at all. The second thing I've noticed is that I still haven't gotten around to reinstalling apache web server along with PHP and MySQL on my laptop. Those being key software that I use in my website developments.

I have started my studies of Computer Science (BSc) at Anglia Ruskin University. I felt nervous in the freshers week but I was able to coupe with it. I have been having Cognitive Behavior Therapy for my anxiety and I have found it very helpful. The CBT combined with university has helped with my confidence and anxiety. After the first week I felt at home there and I am now pretty confident working on things and helping people in my course. It has also been three weeks I think since I last took my medication and I feel just as confident as I did with them.

On the Linux side of things there have been some large developments for me. I have been helping out and making suggestions for the book as well as helping people left, right and centre on the IRC support channel. The IRC channel is either quiet or there are three or four newbies that all need help at once. I have been promoted to to moderator so I can kick and ban anyone that annoys me or other members. I have also been made editor of the CLFS book and a op on their support channel so I can now add things to the book directly. However both my PowerMac and UltraSPARC computers are both playing up so I've not been able to do much recently.