Three months later...

Wednesday, 8 July 2009 02:09

Music: Cold - A Different Kind of Pain

I have been reading through some of my old blog entries at random and have noticed that "Music" is on a lot of them. I have listened to a wide range of music over my life time and the best time for me is when I am in bed alone with the music. It feels like the music is being channeled directly into me. At the moment I am listening to Cold, this band reminds me of all the things I liked about high school. My friend Sam HG being one of them. I had Hadouken! playing stupidly loud in the car last week. Another good place to listen to music is when you are in traffic at the lights. You can't move so you might as well enjoy the music.

As it is July, not only have I finished my exams but I also have the results. I have passed all my university exams and my Cisco exams, in reality these both give me nothing. What they give me is entry to the real stuff; my degree and Cisco certificates. Now that I have finished and have nothing university related to do until September I have finally spent money on my remote control car. Many years ago it reversed into the main road and was ran over. Since then it as been moved about from time to time but never used. Last week I popped out and bought some new servos for it and this week I should be getting the rear tyres and a crystal to finish it off. It will be great to have my RC card working again, if I remember correctly I got it for my 14th birthday.

Writing is not one of my strong points, my best writing is done when I have a strong emotion of some kind. I have not written anything in my blog since April this year and I think the possible reason for this could be my lack of motivation, my numbness of the world or just cos I've been busy with work. When I have someone I need to do but don't want to, I just waste time, not even wasting it in a way that entertains me. I do jack shit for hours on end (on look I've found some emotion) until I finally sit down and do the work that is required of me. Now that I have finished uni I have to motivate myself to do things, overwise I'd sleep all the time. Riding my bike, working on the computers, repairing my RC car have been some of the things I have been doing to keep myself busy in such a way that benefits me in a way that gives me something to show for it. I could watch lots of films with nothing to show for it. I have almost three months to kill and I am going to damn well kill them with shit to show for it.