Easter Break

Thursday, 2 April 2009 18:16

Music: Addicted to Bass 2009 (Disc 2)

I am on my easter break at the moment and I have three assignments to do. This isn't a problem if you know what to do but I am unsure for two of them. I have to make a three minute audio track that I should look at as a technical exercise instead of making some sweet tunes. The other two assignments are basically programming so once the planning is done it shouldn't be to hard to finish them. I know I will pass but the question is with what grade? On the other side of it it doesn't matter since the results from the first year don't do towards you degree.

There is just under two months until my exams start and I hope I shell be ready for them. The first one will be worse because of my anxiety but after that I should be fine. Working through my assignments should teach me most of the things I need to know, the others can be picked up in revision. I have just order a new battery for my laptop and once it gets here it will be nice to be able to go away from a power socket for more than 20 to 30 minutes at a time. Heck I might be able to make it through the afternoon's lecture and tutorial without having to plug it in.