Tuesday, 13 April 2010 23:30

Freddy (hamster) at 10 weeks.

TV: Family Guy, Series 1 - EP 2

Freddy is a 10 week old Syrian hamster that I got on Saturday. My cousin has had hamsters for a few years and I used to look after them when they were on holiday. I've also looked after my best friend's gerbils too. Anyway I've been interested in having a small pet on and off for a little while now so I asked my parents if I could have a hamster. If you're wondering what their answer was take a look to your right.

I've just seen Freddy having a drink and he looks so cute. I've suspended the drink bottom from the top of the cage because I've been told not to have the house in the cage for the first week or two. The drink bottle is held in place by the house so that's a bit of a problem. I also had problems with the the him going on the wheel at night and waking me up when it squeaks. I fixed that by putting Vaseline on the spindle. I need to get some bedding soon and a hamster ball for him to go in.