Thursday, 31 January 2013 00:00

Yesterday I went out to watch the drifting at a local race track. This was the fourth time this year they had done it and only the second time I've been to watch. I didn't go last week because the track was "Frozen" and the week before I didn't feel too good. I got there and someone called to me and told me to watch the black car. This guy was awesome. He could do continuous laps drifting with smooth transitions and I got a video of him. I went down to the pits and told him so. I couldn't remember what I said to him but he said I could have a ride with him. That evening I rode shotgun in five drift sessions with four different drivers.

I'm pleased with myself for doing this and not having an anxiety attack. I wasn't even nervous. After a little while I got pretty relaxed in the passenger seat, even if I had to climb over the drivers seat to get there. You don't get thrown about as much as I'd of thought cos you're sliding but when you get grip and the car changes direction all of a sudden you can do. Thanks guys for letting me ride shotgun.