New year, New Start

Monday, 14 January 2013 18:52

I’ve been working on my new website for about a month now, off and on. This version is number 10 and built from scratch using the Jekyll static site generator. My old blog has been converted and is now much easier to use. The design is based on my current portfolio that is based on Cosmo v9 which was released just over five years ago. I’ve enjoyed using Jekyll and it looks like a good way to prototype websites that can then be viewed without a server.

I haven’t written in my blog or updated my website in over a year so with the new site you are getting new content as well as a better layout. I’ve been writing in a book which allows me to focus more and to write about more private matters. It also helps me to organise my thoughts.

I’ve had a business card made which has a link to this website; one of the reasons for updating it. I’m also making a website for someone else that will use the Yii PHP framework once I get around to moving it onto my server. I’ve also got a vague idea for another site to offer my services under that I’ll work on after this Yii site. This year I hope to make some kind of name for myself and have a good time, and as always, improve myself.