Tuesday, 11 January 2011 00:50

Music: PC Gamer Podcast - Episode 37

Last week I did my first exam for the year, 1:55 of Data Structures & Algorithms. I'm really relieved that I've got it over with and I'm pleased with the 8 freaking pages I wrote for the 3 questions I did. I'm excited and worried about getting the results back for my module. I've tried hard and done well but I'm not sure I've done well enough to get an A (1st). I know I've passed the modules cos there is no way I could have cocked them up that badly that I've failed but I'm worried I won't get the grade I want because I'm aiming for the sky. I think everyone should aim for the sky, you might never get there but if you don't try you'll never know if you'd be able to reach it.

I'll be starting my last semester soon. I'll have the fun of two lecturers I've never never had before, a shit time table (there are other days in the week, share the load!) and last and most scarily, my dissertation. Time just seems to vanish and then you're left with a shit load of work and scary deadlines to deal with. If I'm smart I'll manage my time properly and do a little bit of work every day. If I'm really smart, I'll actually put that into practice.