Steve's Bike

Sunday, 24 February 2013 00:07

My hands are rough from working on my friend’s bike even though that was yesterday and only for short periods at a time. The plan was for Steve and I to rebuild his bike together over the winter but it’s been too cold and / or we’ve not been able to meet up to do it. The bike happens to be stored at mine which means I can work on it on my own whenever I want too. Also Steve doesn’t have any oil at his house let alone the tools required.

His bike has been kept outside and never rebuilt so getting it apart has been hard. The bottom bracket was a struggle even with both of us but I was able to get it off when my cousin told me about a trick you can do with two combination spanners. With that done I tried to strip the bike to the frame but being left outside for years has resulted in the front forks becoming stuck. The spacing rings for the handle bars have rusted to the forks.