Waiting For My New Car

Saturday, 10 August 2013 21:49

All week I’ve been looking forward to getting my new car and the whole time I’ve been thinking that I’ll get it in a couple of days. I’ve never been sure when I’m getting it or what’s going on. I’m getting it from where my cousin works so he’s dealing with it and keeping me informed. On Monday it had it’s official inspection to see if it was safe for sale and on Wednesday it had its MOT, which I didn’t know it was having. I’d been told they wouldn’t do a MOT before they sold the car which annoyed my dad. It failed that MOT because of a cracked spring and worn out rear discs / pads.

Instead of getting discs / pads through work for cheap I asked my cousin to get them when he got the spring because I wanted the car as soon as possible. There was no way I could get the parts before Friday and wanted the car by the weekend. It turns out I could have gotten fancy EBC disc and pads for less than OEM ones. Cos he got them Wednesday he was able to work on my car Thursday night and I joined him after work to help. This was only the second time seeing my car; I think it’s great and I feel better, more assured about my decision to buy this car.

My cousin is a mechanic so it was cool getting to see what he does at work and the difference between the old and new parts we installed. The rear discs were so far gone less than half the contact surface was being used when braking. Thanks to his hard work the car had its new parts installed and passed its MOT retest on Friday morning. The only thing between me and my new car is paper work, and there wasn’t anyone around on Friday who could sort that so I’m having to wait until next week now. I got the insurance sorted Friday so once the paperwork is sorted I just have to pay them then I can drive away.