Meeting A Photographer

Monday, 19 August 2013 22:17

I’ve had a great weekend and went to bed Sunday night feeling really happy. On Saturday I went to Surrey with my parents to meet a friend of my mum’s parents. I’ve never met my mum’s parents so it was interesting to hear stories about them. He’s a photographer who’s been to 66 countries and has a huge collection of pictures he’s taken, and for each picture he can tell the story behind it. We went out to a pub to have lunch which is something I’ve not done in a number of years due to my anxiety but I felt okay doing that.

On Friday I’d taken the air box mostly off my car and dropped a screw in the engine bay so I took off more piping and had a good search but couldn’t find it. It landed somewhere but not on the garage floor. On Sunday I started up the engine and moved the car but still couldn’t find it so I put it back together and duct taped the split air intake hose (pre-filter).