Riding Towards The Moon

Wednesday, 18 September 2013 23:37

I was planning on having a quick meal and going out to watch drifting tonight; however I checked their website and found out drifting was every other Wednesday and today was not one of them. I went out my bike, something I’ve not done very much either because I’ve been lazy or it’s been dark by the time I’m home. What I should be doing it riding as much as possible before winter hits as it is something I love.

I affixed my bike lights before donning my helmet and gloves then headed out. I took my long route which goes along the towpath for a few lochs before a long road section that brings me back home. The whole ride the sun was setting which gave me a variety of colours and views of the world. At one point I was riding straight towards the low, full moon with the sun behind me giving the world a pink hue.

Riding along the road I had the moon on my left and the setting sun low on my right. A moment spent looking at the beauty saw me wander onto the verge and bring my attention back to the road. It’s a route I’ve ridden many times over many years but never at this time of day and with the sun setting so fast. It was great and beautiful. Further down the road I could see distance street lights.

With only my bike lights, the moon and the setting sun to light my way I could still see much of the countryside. Riding past the dual carriage way it was cool to see traffic fly past with their lights on. By this point it was pretty dark but I could still see a lot and not long after the dual carriage way I was back home with the street lights. Often I won’t ride because I think it’s too dark but now I think I will ride further into the night than I’ve done before.