Zombie Goodness

Monday, 30 September 2013 22:22

So what do I write about when faced with a blank document? The macro and micro of my life and the people in it? Activities, adventures and achievements? The then, the now and the going to be? That would be an autobiography, not a blog post. And I’m sure there would be large gaps of lost or repressed memories and many years covered by the line “Highschool; it sucked but I survived”.

Over the weekend I finished reading Metal and Ash; the final book in the Dead Mech trilogy. Over the past few weeks I’ve had to force myself to put the book down at the end the chapter otherwise I’d just keep going. It seems to have a lot of twists and big events happen towards the end of the book, but it might just seem that way as I wanted to keep reading it. It’s not often the Canadians are the bad guys.

I’ve been reading more of Bethany and the Zombie Jesus and enjoying the range of subjects and stories; some of which have zombies. It’s a good read but not over lunch. I like the different styles of writing: journals / logs, drabbles and others that I can’t remember. Jake Bible, the author of these fine books, has another planned called Natural Born Cyborg which I’ve heard from a podcast is humans with some organic metal in them that is set 100s of years later in the Dead Mech universe. It’s $75 USD for a limited edition, hard back pre-order with the audio book too which is a damn lot for a book but it’s the rarity you’re paying for. The risk is you might not like the book he writes, but I’ve already read three books totalling over 400,000 words and really enjoyed them so it seems a small risk to me.

Visit JakeBible.com for zombie goodness.