A Week Off

Saturday, 26 October 2013 07:44

My friend and I had last week off from work: this is the first week’s holiday I’ve ever had. The reason for this is because I’ve not been working that long; I got my first job last April and lost it last October before getting this job this April. We were hoping our other friend could also get the time off and that we could go away together but he couldn’t. As he works weekends he always has some days off mid-week so we made sure we did something then.

I enjoyed spending a lot of time with my friends and doing things I wouldn’t want to do on my own. We went shopping at Lakeside, a place I’ve driven past a lot but never been to, to get some new clothes. Tuesday two or us went for a drive and all three ended up washing their cars afterwards, mine are still unwashed almost two weeks on. Wednesday I had to myself so I followed a hunch and had the rear drums of the Nissan machined to make them nice and round again. They now squeak when coming to a stop which is much better than the scrapping and jerking they used to do.

Thursday we went to Woburn Safari Park. It was amazing getting that close to the animals and a great day out with friends. We saw lots of animals and got many pictures of them. Afterwards we when to a nearby pub next to a river for lunch. I had a jacket potato with baked beans and cheese without having an anxiety attack, something I used to have in pubs / restaurants. Another sign of the progress I’ve made this year.

Friday I watched a film with my friend before going to Mountune’s HQ and getting a tour. We picked up an induction kit for my Fiesta when we were there. That was a pain to fit and I got enough in to drive the car over to my cousin’s work where he fitted two new tyres and fixed my rear brake hanger.