Random Thoughts

Saturday, 2 November 2013 22:38

Music: Duke Dumont - Need U

Confidence is something I lack, but I’ve gained a lot of it over the past year or so. In fact I’ve probably been gaining confidence since leaving high school. It’s something I gain by doing, feeling and just being. I need to have faith in myself as others have in me. Working on my car is one sign of that faith. At work I’ve learnt a lot but there are still times when I don’t want to continue something without someone watching my back.

I miss this; just typing away. There are many things in life that I miss just because I choose to let it pass by. If I want to do something I should just do it then and there regardless of who’s with me. I don’t make the best use of my free time. I need to be more productive or at least pass the time doing things I enjoy instead of procrastinating. This is the reason there is a backlog of these blog posts; because I put off editing them.

I’ve done a lot this year and there are still two months left to go. I could recap my achievements but they would be subjective. What I might see as an achievement others would see as normal. I got this website up and running and had a meal in a pub, whilst the latter may not feel like an achievement. I’m just getting this shit down; it’s like emptying a box onto the floor and watching everything spill out. This text document is my floor and the box contains my thoughts and feelings. Fucking redundant metaphor if it’s followed by an explanation. I’m just chucking everything into this file and when I’m ready I can arrange it into neat pills. Collect the content into coherent paragraphs.

I’m noticing a change in my interests; instead of spending many hours working on making my own websites or making linux systems from scratch (CLFS). I have my cat next to me on the sofa, oh she’s gone now. Anyway I’m listening to dubstep with my headphones on so I can’t hear a thing :)

I’ve been listening to mix of metal, rap, dubstep, drum and bass and house. I don’t think my tastes have changed over the years, just expanded. I still listen to Skipknot but I also listen to dubstep collections. When I say Rap I really mean Dan Bull, he makes some funny raps about video games and politics. I just find something that fits my mood and I’m loving stuff with heavy bass lines; I haven’t put a sub-woofer in my car yet.

I’ve just listened to Fake Moss, a band I’ve not listened to in a while. I only have a few of their tracks that I downloaded. I found the band because some of their songs are used on The Getaway in Stockholm. Now I’ve found I can get their CD so I might add that to my Christmas list. I found the Wonder Fool the same way and that CD took two months to arrive. I could do with more CDs instead of listening to stuff just at work and on YouTube. Other than work and in the car I don’t listen to Music that much…apart from this week…and now.

I started working on my car last weekend, replacing the flexy brake lines with some HEL ones. This was more a learning experiences than an upgrade. It’s the first time I’ve proper jacked the car up or worked on brake lines. I made a start of it and when I got stuck I went away. I couldn’t figure out how to undo something until I realised it was a part of another thing, a great explanation for you there. I dither over if I should spend £6 on a tool that I’d only use on this brake job or just use a normally spanner. Well that was a week and £46 ago. I used the spanner and rounded bolts on the old brake line but also a small brake pipe.

My cousin came over and helped me. I’m glade he did as he showed me that I hadn’t tightened the new brake lines up enough. He also brought his torque wrench to torque my wheel nuts properly, something I never do but probably should. I’m learning some good practices off of him. We took the brake calliper, line and pipe off in one and I took that to a machine shop to get them separated. Since then the car has been dripping brake fluid from the pipe. This morning I picked up the calliper and a new brake pipe as well as the old pipe and line. I fitted them myself just to stop the car leaking fluid but I think I’ll take it for a little drive tomorrow to see how it feels.