Time And Money

Friday, 28 February 2014 22:48

Music: Immerse Sessions 11 March 2008- Dubstep.fm

Over the last two weeks we’ve been having a new bathroom installed. We’ve lived in this house just over 20 years and we’ve only just had the main bathroom done. Today is the first day we’ve been able to use it but nobody has yet. It looks really good. The bests bits are the power shower and a toilet you can flush without knowing “the trick”. We’ve always had a shower in there but it has no water pressure so we’ve been using the one in my parents en-suite all the time until we killed it.

It’s the end of February and it’s been a busy month at work and March looks like it’s going to be the same. I’m still learning more and more but I don’t realise it until I look back. Like I’m now writing a lot of data / content importers for websites which is not something I could have done two months ago. I’ve been there 11 months and I’m still enjoying it there.

We’ve had Ada, our cat, for almost a year. Sometimes she’s really annoying, meowing outside my room early in the morning or by my feet when I’m playing online with my friends. She’s a very chilled out cat and you can do whatever you like with her and she doesn’t seem bothered by it. I had never seen her before when I got her and didn’t see her fully until we got home and let her out the cage. All I could see is her eyes peering at through the cage on the drive home.

This blog is eight and a half years old and should cover some major points in my life. From high school angst, to uni and onto getting a job. Being the lazy sod I am I’ve not written that much for it. I’m trying to stick to my ‘at least two a month’ goal, hence me writing this blog post at 11pm on the last day of the month. The last Friday of the month is pay day which reminds me I need to sort out a saving account and probably a credit card. It’s almost not worth saving money as you get so little interest on it but since I don’t spent it on anything; something is better than nothing.

I have zero interest on my current, so because of inflation it means I’m slowly losing money as it devalues. I don’t like spending money unless I can justify it to myself, even if it’s cheap and will make me happy or if it’s a tool that I’d use multiple times over it’s life. I don’t often think about the future, I mean like the long term future. At some point I’ll have to move out of my parents and get a place of my own or with a friend. If it is just me I’d have to get a dog to keep my company and give me exercise walking and playing with it. Otherwise I’d just be on my own which isn’t nice.

I live with my family but sometimes we see so little of each other we might as well live in different houses. I can do a lot of stuff on my own but I’m not that good at cooking. Having a look at places the cheapest 2 bed I can find is £800 a month. I don’t like the idea of moving out and then spending all of my income just living away from my parents. I have a lot of freedom and comfort here. I think where ever I go I’d need a garage to store cars and tools. For £300 a month I can get an industrial unit to store cars and tools and work on them but that doesn’t include all the costs the cars have.

It’s like they don’t want you to have a car, the amount of money you spend on car insurance and tax. I spent about £1,300 last year for insurance, tax and MOT for two cars. With age the insurance should go down and my wages go up. Watching Mighty Car Mods today they had a Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 low mileage for only ¥88,000 (About £,5160). Japan is somewhere I’d like to go and see the car culture and the country. One day it would be cool to import a car from Japan since cars and parts are much cheaper there.

I think to much about stuff and consequences instead of just doing what feels right and living more. Most of the time there’s little to no downside of it going wrong but other times it could change everything. If I do something I don’t like I could always go and change it later instead of trying to get it perfect each time. Because sometimes I might not know what I’m aiming for until I hit it. Like worrying about what colour coolant hoses I should get for the car instead of just buying ones I like and changing them if I don’t like them. Act first, think second. Or just leap and hope for the best.