Spring Hoilday

Saturday, 15 March 2014 21:15

Music: A Pirate Radio Station

Tuesday / Wednesday

I’ve been on holiday since Wednesday but it started after work on Tuesday with getting pizza and drink with my friends. Since we didn’t have work the next day we got a bottle of Jim Bean and between two of us we had about 3/4 of a bottle. It was great hanging out with my friends and one stayed until 2:30am. I also got my new graphics card and PSU for the PC so I can play games again. I installed that before I started drinking.

The weather has been great all week and after 5 hours sleep I woke up feeling pretty fresh Wednesday morning. Dad had the week off sick so we popped out and got a new light for the bathroom. In the afternoon I cut the grass and cleaned my dads car. It’s not been cleaned this year and grandad was complaining how dirty it was. I fixed the Henry hoover and helped my neighbour take a load of garden waste down the dump.

#Thursday Thursday I finished up cleaning the cars and saw grandad in the morning. In the afternoon I told my friend that I still needed to get some shoes so we headed out to a shopping centre. I’m horrible at shopping. I look at everything and can’t decided but when I find something I like it has to be that. I got one of the pairs of shoes I wanted but they didn’t have the other in my size. I also grabbed a shirt I liked the look of and thought I’d try at work instead of just my normal t-shirt.

#Friday On Friday I chilled out at home and went for a bike ride with my friend but we didn’t go very fair as I felt worn out. The ground was either bumpy or muddy and we had to ride right on the edge of the embankment. My mate thinks I was hung over from the day before and that’s why I couldn’t bike far. I did a bit of work on all the cars when I was clearing up the garage and also worked on swapping bits over from a donor bike to my dad’s work bike.